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Description Rustop 1 is a highly penetrating, water displacing, solvent deposited, oil/grease film short term anti-corrosive. 

Appearance Rustop 1 is a mobile hazy brown liquid. 

Application Rustop 1 has been designed as a good de-watering product and short term rust preventive. It gives short term protection of ferrous and aluminium alloy components and is particularly suited for inter-process protection after machining operations, phosphating and electrochemical processes.
Rustop 1 has excellent de-watering properties and resistance to emulsification. It gives good coverage of a light film,containing a fingerprint suppressant, which does not need cleaning off prior to assembly.  

In Service Use Rustop 1 can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing. Dipping is recommended to ensure complete coverage and maximum economy in use. After dipping components should be allowed to drain to minimise drag-out losses. Care should be taken to ensure minimum solvent evaporation from the tank which should be fitted with a lid. Components should not be dipped whilst hot.
The product has excellent atomisation characteristics when sprayed which ensures good even coverage. Spraying should be carried out using low pressure sprays in well ventilated areas to avoid the build up of solvent vapours.
Rustop 1 should be applies to clean surfaces for best results the product should be applied at a temperature of 10-25 deg. C. Ensure that adequate provision is made to drain and collect any surplus fluid.

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Removal Rustop 1 can be easily removed wityh hydrocarbon solvents, by vapour degreasing in chlorinated sovents or by suitable mild alkaline cleaners such as Inter-clene 1. 

Protection Indoors                      Minimum 4 months, typically 9 months
Covered outdoors      Minimum 1 month
Outdoors                   Not recommended

Storage Rustop 1 should be stored indoors, preferably at a temperature of 10-20 deg.C. 

Typical Characteristics Brown thixotropic liquid
Specific gravity @ 20 deg C                                     0.808
Non-volatile content                                                  15 % 
Recommended application temperature                     15-35 deg C
Film thickness (dip application)                                 1.1 microns
Drying time                                                               30 minutes @ 20 deg C
Covering capacity                                                     68 sq.metres/litre

Flash point (SFCC)                                                  40deg. C

Availability Rustop 1 is available in IBCs, 205 and 25 litre drums also in 400ml aerosols. 

Safe Product Handling The product contains a volatile solvent and suitable health and safety precautions must be taken. Attention should be given to both fire hazard and ventilation in the area of use.

Fire Fighting Procedure:   DO NOT USE WATER.
Extinguish with CO2, BCF,  dry powder or foam.

Precautions in Handling: Care should be taken to avoid prolonged skin contact when using all industrial oils and chemicals, especially on face and hands. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with soap and water, splashes in the eyes should be irrigated with copious amounts of warm water.
Ingestion - The main hazard is possible aspiration as a result of vomiting. Do not induce vomiting. Give 250 mls of milk or water and obtain medical advice.
Inhalation - remove to fresh air. If unconscious give oxygen and consult a doctor.

Technical Service Full technical advice and back-up service is available. 

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