Silicone Spray

      Uses - as a release agent and for lubrication of of slides, conveyors and bearings

  • Thin, clear, non-toxic film.
  • Effective lubricant with excellent anti-stick properties.
  • No build up.
  • Operating range -40 to 204oC.
  • Inert. Compatible with rubbers, nylons and plastics..
  • Puts back colour into worn plastics, rubber, leather etc.

Non-Silicone Spray

        Uses - as a release agent for plastic and rubber mouldings.

  • One pass silicone free release agent.
  • Easily removed for subsequent painting, plating or printing.
  • Non-staining. Compatible with all palstics and rubbers.
  • Retains fine detail in moulding, extrusion and die casting operations.

PTFE Dry Film Spray

        Uses - as a lubricant for open bearings, cams, chutes, machine beds etc

  • Dry film PTFE lubricant for food, paper, printing, packaging etc
  • Colourless, non-staining, non-toxic..
  • Temperature resistant to 260oC.
  • Unaffected by chemicals, oils or solvents.

Penetrating Fluid

      Uses - an effective release agent for seized and rusted components.

  • Contains MoS2
  • Safe on all metals and plastics.
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