Extreme Pressure Lube  RTD

      Uses - a  high performance metal machining lubricant for reaming, tapping, drilling, boring,
      slotting, broaching, milling, metal forming and drawing operations on a wide range of metals.

  • Multipurpose metalcutting spray for use on toughest materials and operations.
  • Improves surface finish, eliminates scouring and prevents metal splitting.
  • Extends tool life.



Gear Spray

      Uses - as a lubricant for open gears, racks, roller paths etc

  • A high performance grease for heavily loaded open components operating under continuously harsh conditions
  • Good load carrying.
  • Operating temperature range -40 to 130°C.
  • Good corrosion preventative properties.


Chain Spray

      Uses - high performance lubricant for use on moving chains, chain drives, conveyors etc

  • Tenacious, water resistant.
  • Extreme pressure properties resist shock loads
  • Ideal for wire rope applications.



Food Grade Conveyor Lube

      Uses - chain and conveyor lubricant

  • A specailly formulated lubricant for use on conveyors and cahins in food manufacturing areas.
  • FDA approved for use in food contact articles.
  • Good load carrying capability..
  • Operating temperature range -30oC to 160oC
  • Good corrosion preventative properties.


Wire Rope Lubricant

      Uses - on all non-friction wire ropes

  • A water repellant wire rope lubricant which penetrates to then core of the rope.
  • Provides protection against internal wear and corrosion.
  • Operating temperature range -20oC to 110oC.
  • Contains MoS2.



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